Modern Italian rustic style : get the look

When you think about Italian interiors, I’m sure that pop into your head images of rustic and warm homes. Maybe of Tuscan farmhouses with stoned walls and terracotta floorings, surrounded by nature…Well, you are not wrong: rustic style in Italy is still quite common, but the present trend is to give it a modern twist with a minimalist approach.

In this article I’m giving you five tips to decorate in a modern rustic Italian style, for a very chic result.  


photo credit: Guido Andolfato Val d’Orcia via photopin (license)

Cover: Palomba Serafini via / Photo by Francesco Bolis


  1. The palette / Italian rustic style

Italian rustic decor is mainly about a neutral and warm palette. Natural hues of warm whites, cream, beige, are blended together with browns creating a welcoming space. Bright color accents may also be incorporated with few elements, even if this style is more about earthy colors such as caramel, terracotta, to give a cozy and welcoming feeling.

Very common now in Italy is whitened wood usually oak- used for floor but also for example on beams and ceiling. This will feel the interior much more lighter and bigger, without losing the textured feel of materials.


Casa Privata

  1. The materials / Italian rustic decor


The key of this style is how materials are blended together.

In fact, Italian rustic decor is more about matching texture than about decorating with colours. The neutral background gets personality from tactile materials such as reclaimed wood, stone, bricks, handmade ceramics. Rustic materials such as iron, corten steel, terracotta, are a very good match with this style too. Wall paint can get a tactile twist too by using chalk paint, limewashed walls, handpainted decor.

What about fabrics? Italian decor is not about rich fabrics and wallpapers (as for example British style is), but is more about natural textiles such as dense cottons and linens, always in neutral colors.


Boutique Homes via


  1. The furniture / Italian modern farmhouse


Prefer neutral hues for furniture too, which can be rustic in wood or in other materials such as for example iron and leather. Metallic accents are fine but without a shiny look, prefer old brass and copper to gold and silver.

Modern Italian rustic style incorporate also contemporary design pieces in the decor. Actually, another key point of this style is about matching old and new in a cool balance: try for example to match a very rustic table in solidwood with a mix of modern designer chairs, or comfortable and soft sofas with an iconic lounge chair.  


Malatesta Maison


  1. The layout / Italian rustic style


Contrasting smooth and rough surfaces is a good way for creating this fascinating style. The decor is more about balancing contrasts then about adding a lot of elements and decor: keep things simple by working on linear and symmetric layouts, then work on textures and materials to add personality.

Italian rustic decor is not about being colourful and eccentric, but is more about working on volumes and materials for an interesting and welcoming result.


Casa Olivi via

  1. Original elements / Italian modern decor


Some features can add a very Italian twist to your home too.

For a perfect farmhouse style, don’t forget to let some space to store wine bottles, with a wine rack to be always filled with new bottles.

Another key element is the fireplace, which can be underlined thanks to unfinished bricks or a different finish from the rest of the room. Vaults and arcs are very common in italian farmhouses too, even if modern designs tend to prefer more linear shapes to round ones.



All these elements together create a decor full of personality, without being overloaded.  Be inspired for your home!