Krome is a network featuring some of the most important Italian manufacturers of products for the construction sector.

Historical firms or new up-and-coming realities, all of which ambassadors for the beauty and practicality of Made in Italy in the world.

In our catalogue, you can find all you need for your home refurbishment or simply for renovating some parts, by adding an elegant touch of Italian style.

From Italian decorative paints to marble, from ceramics to stuccoes, from luminaires to furnishings. We offer only premium quality products, syntheses of tradition and innovation, which you can purchase directly online. We will follow and guarantee your order, all the way from the manufacturer to your doorstep.

“Krome is an ambitious challenge and the result of a deep passion:
to valorise Made in Italy in the fields of architecture and furnishing, and make it even better known”

Guerino Cilli – Krome founder

Furthermore, we offer you a hub of highly professional Italian architects who can assist you in renovating your house or expanding it, guaranteeing refined results down to the smallest detail.

We love beauty, we love elegance, we love Italy. And we enjoy travelling the world and meeting people who share our same passions and want to experience Italian style, every day.