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The most common mistakes clients do when decorating home

It’s not easy to properly decorate your home.

During my almost ten years of work as an interior designer, I have collected quite a wide range of decorating mistakes my clients did in their homes. Indeed, there are some details and things while decorating home that looked particularly difficult to most of them, and I’m quite sure that the same happened to you as well.

Here a short list of the most common decorating mistakes I’ve seen in my clients’ homes. So you can avoid them in your homes and put an extra eye to these details !


1. Purchasing a rug with a wrong size

Too big or too small: this is usually what happens to people when purchasing a new rug.

To solve some doubts, as a start let’s say that generally a rug should be placed under some piece of furniture: this means, no to small and flying carpets in the middle of the sitting corner. To check the size before purchasing, you can first recreate the carpet size on the floor with paper tape!


photo credit: emily @ go haus go Rug Switch via photopin (license)


2. Matching everything too match

It is a great temptation to decorate home by matching everything, I know. Everything looks much easier and prettier if it’s all matching: same furniture brands, matching textiles, one or two materials and that’s it, you have decorate your room in style. No way, nothing worse!

The point is: your home is not a showroom. It must be a lived and cozy space, with different pieces telling somethign about your life too. This will add much more interest to the whole decor!

3. Following trends to much

Similar things can be said about this point. Interior trends are there to give some inspiration, not to be followed to the letter. Also, remember that trends change with the passage of time and maybe it’s not a wise ide to decorate just according to a style which can be trendy now and just passed in a couple of years.

The advice is, always follow your own taste, and be inspired by trends just for some details and decorating ideas. 

| If you are wondering which are the latest trends at present, you can have a look at my posts about interior and design trends here 


photo credit: AMANITO Moodeight Apartments via photopin (license)


4. Choosing the wrong lighting

Planning the interior lighting is for sure one of the most difficult things to do when decorating home.

The best thing to do of course is to ask for a professional advice, in order to first set the lighting positions, then to choose the right luminaire. Lighting design goes strictly together with the layout design, because the room’s function determines the proper lighting. The advice is to start always by asking yourself what will be the function of the space, what are you actually going to do in your rooms, and from there starting to plan the light position and sources. 

Choosing the right lamp is only the very last thing to think about (and the more fun, actually!).


photo credit: H is for Home Get their look: Serene Viennese apartment via photopin (license)


5. Not testing colors for walls before

Choosing the right paint for your home is not that easy. You already realized this for sure if you have painted once your own home too. Well, the good think here is that you can always paint again…but that’s quite annoying, actually.

I already wrote an article about this: See here the top designer tips to choose the right colours at home


photo credit: H is for Home Get their look: Shades of blue sitting room via photopin (license)

6. Curtains with wrong lenght

Confession: if there is something that really bothers me, talking about home decor, are windows with too short curtains. I’m really quite obsessed with checking is the curtains lenght is correct. This might be a small decorating detail, but actually it can really change the look of an interior and making it really worse.

The solution, if you are unsecure about curtains as I am? Maybe no curtains at all, in a Scandinavian-inspired mood!


photo credit: Theen … Old Shed via photopin (license)