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Top designer tips to choose the perfect wall paint colour

Choosing the perfect colour for your home can be quite a challenge. In this article you will find the tips to keep in mind before starting to select the wall paint colours for the different rooms of your interior.

  • Set a consistent palette and start with neutrals

Choose a paint color which can go together with the decor and furniture you already have at home or still have in mind. Setting a color paint is part of a wider decorating process and in order to have the final result you dream of, you must consider everything as a whole.

Remember also that neutrals are as important as bold colours. Indeed, they set the mood for the whole space: a neutral colour paint can be lighter, darker, cool or warm, and it really makes the difference. You then have to decide if you want some focal point to be underlined with color accents, or if you are looking for a softer decor tone-on-tone. It’s up to you!


interior colour wall paints, krome Italian furnishings uk

photo credit: Davi Alexandre DSC_9306 via photopin (license)

  • Use Pinterest to get some extra inspiration

Pinterest is a great source for finding new interior inspiration.

Easy and fast to be used, in Pinterest you can create your own boards (that can be public or secret) where you can add your favorite pictures. It is super easy: once you have created your own profile, you just create one board for each of the rooms you have to paint and start pinning the inspirations that catch your attention.

You will suddenly have a visual guide of the style you would like to achieve in your home, as well as a reference of the wall paint colours for your home.


  • Pick the right colour on the Swatch

It could be quite confusing the first time you start looking for your desired colour paint in the paint swatch. There are so may colours that at first sight look very similar one to the other, but compared between them start to look very different.

The advice is to use the consider the darkest hue you find on the swatch as your guide. This hue will give you the correct idea of the tone, then you can move to the lighter ones.


interior colour wall paints, krome Italian furnishings ukphoto credit: thedalogs 2.26.09: color wheel via photopin (license)>


  • Test Colour on Walls

This is really crucial if you want to choose the right colour for your home.

Indeed, when applied on walls, the colour paint gets a different hue from the one you see on the colour wheel. Colour hue changes according to daylight, according to its support, according to how many times you apply it. The advice is to ask for colour testers and apply some options of the same colour strip, some lighter and some darker, then keep them a few days.

  • The right finish and sheen

Choosing the interior colour paint is not just a matter of choosing an hue. You need also to proper select its finish and sheen, remembering that a glossy finish enhances flaws and imperfections on walls. Different paint options usually include mat finish, flat enamel finish, eggshell enamel (a little bit shiny), satin and semi-gloss enamels and ginally high-gloss enamel.

With our paint by Italian brand Colorificio San Marco (link to be added) you can also explore a wide range of decorative finishes, to add a precious and original touch in your home.


photo credit: San Marco


  • Ask for an interior designer advice

However, our very first suggestion is to ask for an expert advice. An architect, interior designer, decorator, will be happy to help you while choosing the perfect color palette for your home!

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