How to Create Cosy Corners in Home Interiors with Hygge Decor

Once the Christmas decorations have come down, you might find your home feeling a little bleak. Colder months tend to make you crave cosiness in your home, which is a perfect time to add some hygge decor. Hygge is, of course, the famous Danish concept and trend celebrating cosiness in all of its glory. 

Hygge Decor and Style

Cosy interiors don’t have to be traditional or luxurious, they can also be chic and contemporary or modern and rustic. Hygge decor can be flexible to your preferences. Perhaps Tuscan interiors have the charming and intimate atmosphere you’d like to recreate in your home. You might find it difficult to add hygge decor to a minimalist interior, but here is where quality really reigns over quantity. Choose the perfect candle, tea mug, or light accessory and it won’t seem over-cluttered.

Home Interior Ideas with Hygge Decor

Grab a fuzzy blanket and read along as I share some easy steps to bring warmth and style to your interiors during colder months. Here are some simple hygge decor ideas that you can expand upon or customize to your own moods and particularities. Stay true to your idea of cosiness and adjust any of these ideas to fit your ideal atmosphere.

Snuggle Up with Extra Layers

Of course, you should apply this to your wardrobe to stay warm indoors and outdoors, but why not extend it to your home interiors? Throws and extra pillows in your living room will add this intimate element making everything feel a little warmer. Pair them together with books and magazines, so you can enjoy your time cuddling up.

Cosy Color Palette

If you’re crazy for Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year Living Coral, use it to bring hygge decor into your home interiors. You could choose some pillows or accessories in this shade, or even paint a wall this color to brighten up a dull space. Of course, there are many other options. The Dulux Colour of the Year 2019, Spiced Honey, or other traditionally warm colors could serve the same purpose. Perhaps warm tones don’t suit your idea of wellness and cosiness. Peruse online shops with Italian design accessories and more for inspiration. You could also simply choose a favorite color. For example, if pink is your cosy color, find a rosewater candle to compliment your mood.

Turn on the Lights!

A fireplace is a built in hygge decor accessory that will bring you warmth all year round. However, not having one isn’t a deal breaker! Collect candles in any corner of your home to make a similar atmosphere. Of course, it’s also important to have functional lights for everyday, practical use. Especially in the winter, depending on where you live, you might not have as much natural light as in other seasons. Use this season to bring less-functional lighting fixtures into your home. Drape them around a mirror, door frame, or coffee table to bring you some cheer. Keep them on for a couple hours to induce a cuddly evening atmosphere.

Spoil Your Senses

It goes without saying that eating warm food and drinking hot beverages will make you feel more at ease and comforted. Make a ceremony out of tea time or create a weekly tradition of hot cocoa night with your family or roommates. Serve them on a tray with festive napkins and some optional additions such as honey, cinnamon, marshmallows, butter cookies, or whatever tickles your fancy.

Take Hygge Decor On the Road

Whether you are traveling in Italy, heading out on a work trip, or readying for a weekend getaway, invest in a good pair of slippers that stay in your luggage so you won’t accidentally forget them. You can also snuggle up with a travel-size blanket that will make air travel and being away from home a little easier. A travel candle is the last element to ensure an instantly-cosier hotel room or Airbnb. They will serve as a reminder to seek comfort no matter where you are!

If you have limited space, it’s really easy to pack a lemon and fresh ginger in your luggage. A fresh infusion is a great way to start the day and work into your morning routine. Bring a couple tea sachets or instant-cocoa packages. It’s an extra step that will make you feel grateful for a little warmth and sweetness.

Choose your own hygge decor cosy adventure by pairing these tips together for maximum cosiness. Let us know which of these steps worked best for you! Stay tuned for more on home decor and interior design.

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