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Tips for Italian-Style Tuscan Interiors

There’s nothing like a view of rolling hills in the Tuscan countryside to unwind the mind after a hard day of work or long day of leisure. Whether you’re living in or simply visiting Florence, Siena, Montepulciano, or another Tuscan city, there will be no shortage of beautiful views from the comfort of your stylish home or B&B.

Italian Style in Tuscany
The iconic Tuscany landscape has certainly inspired the Italian style Tuscan interiors ambience. Mediterranean style interiors are often sought after for their laid-back charm, as influenced by the landscape and lifestyle. The region of Tuscany has their own unique way of living life and thus styling interiors. You can create the perfect Tuscan look with some simple ingredients.

Authentic Materials in Tuscan Interiors
The materials you choose for your home exterior and interiors, is one of the most important ingredients. It will set the tone for the rest of the house. Choose authentic and rustic qualities for your Tuscany interiors and satisfy tactile desires with stucco or stone walls and features. Consider wood as a staple for the interior surfaces and leave wooden structural beams exposed to achieve the most authentic Tuscan interior. Stone, terracotta tiles, or weathered hardwood are your best options for flooring. These should be locally sourced, if possible, to assure quality.

Natural Colors in Tuscan Interiors
The color palate of Tuscan interiors is generally similar to those of authentic materials such as wood, terracotta, and cement. There shouldn’t be any unnatural colors like Day-Glo orange or fluorescent green, but warm, neutral, earthy colors. A good rule of thumb here is to look around your landscape and if you see the color outside, you can use it inside. A pop of yellow from the lemons, tomato red accents, and a rainbow of greenery will bring the outdoor exuberance inside your home. However, keep it as simple as you can so the attention can fall wherever the natural light flows in.

Warm, Eclectic Accessories in Tuscan Interiors
The warm, eclectic vibe reflects an interior that has been lived in, collected and curated over time. The furniture layout is generally quite practical, so you can follow your instinct on placing items where they will receive the most use. Durable, comfortable furniture pieces are your best bet, with wooden chairs that can be useful for extra guests indoors or outdoors. Naturally-woven rugs offer a soft feature and functional use. A fireplace makes a great focal point in any rustic living space and you can personalize it by adding decorative tiles.

In the kitchen, arguably one of the most important rooms in any Italian house, your copper pots and pans can hang freely on a rack, allowing functionality for use as well as Tuscan charm. Little additions like ceramic bowls with salts, herbs, or fresh garden flowers will fit right in. Make sure you bread basket and other kitchen accessories are handmade or woven items. Keep clutter away to allow the lines, textures, and warmth of your antiques, pottery, art, and other objects to comfort you.

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