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Quick & Easy Christmas Decorating Ideas

It’s that special time of year again! Turn on your favorite Christmas tunes, cozy up with fuzzy socks or blankets, and let the light in with these Christmas decor ideas.


Christmas Decor Ideas

Whether you’ll be celebrating this holiday season in Milan, which is always dressed to the nines, or elsewhere, bring the light and spirit of the holidays into your home interiors with these Christmas decor ideas. We may not all have the budget to decorate our homes as elegantly as Swarovski at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful, unique, and festive. While the holiday season is certainly more about the warmth of loved ones and the company you share time with, you may also be preparing with home decor ideas.

Christmas Decoration Inspiration

If you are hosting a Christmas dinner for your family and friends, you may be in need of some ideas for your Christmas decoration. Here are some inspirations for colors, themes, accents, and even gift ideas to help get you started. Your family probably has its own traditions and standards for holiday decor. It can also be fun to mix things up and try something new. Of course, your best option is to stay true to what you love and what makes you feel cheerful. Mix and match these inspirations with your own. It’s your home and your holiday decor that will make it all the more special.


Christmas Decoration with Colors

There’s a reason everyone sings about a white Christmas, as the minimal sunlight in winter can be offset with white accessories and accents. Keep the light going with a station of white candles and table lamps. You can also spray-paint your Christmas wreath or any bouquets of dried flowers and herbs to add an effect. You could even traipse a string of faux-pearls across your tree for additional luxeChoose from a variety of white ornaments or select a simple white linen tablecloth for evening feasts, which will layer well with your other Christmas and holiday decorations.


Perhaps your Christmas spirit wouldn’t be complete without a little sparkle! Keep your house glimmering with gold or sailing with silver accessories and ornaments. You could even choose a gold or silver Christmas tree, if you choose an artificial Christmas tree, of course! Gold is really easy to work in with accents in your home, such as gold-rimmed wine glasses, gold trays to serve cookies on, or gold ribbons on each dining chair. These colors are classic for Christmas decor and can be mixed, matched, or kept separate.

Why not add a splash of color to your home’s holiday decor? Make seasons bright with color, but not only red and green, which are the standard Christmas colors. Choose a pop of color to accent the greenery of the tree, such as violet, baby blue, turquoise, or sunshine yellow. Select your wrapping paper with this bright color palette in mind and make this a remarkable Christmas. Well-wrapped presents can even serve as festive holiday decor.


Christmas Decoration with Lights

Whether you’re dreaming of a white Christmas or inviting some color in for the winter, don’t forget the lights! The twinkle of Christmas lights on your tree or candles lit near the window illuminate the spirit of the Christmas season.You can be very creative with fairy lights, wrapping them around your window sills or mirrors, Christmas tree, and door frames. Mix it up with different shapes, such as hearts, stars, and even LED lights that you can adjust the colors of from an app on your phone! Lights in unexpected places, such as shelves, coffee or side tables and around door frames, will delight your guests.

Christmas Decoration Themes

Choose a theme to make your Christmas as traditional or trendy as you like. A traditional theme is easy to imagine, as standard decor generally includes velvet ribbons, festive nutcrackers, and red poinsettias. For something different, take a walk on the wild side with animal prints and tropical plants. Find napkins or dessert plates with palm trees or holiday vibes. You could even use leopard print bows to tie silverware together with your holiday napkins. If you prefer to stay grounded, bring natural elements into the home with a botanical theme.


While bouquets of eucalyptus might fall under the trendy category, it’s also great to get in touch with all of your senses. There’s great material things time of year for greenery, from holly to rosemary and beyond. Bring citrus fruits onto the scene, such as lemons and clementines, which will double as decor and dessert. If all else fails, get hygge with it! Turn your home into a cozier version of itself with pine scented candles, fur blankets, fuzzy slippers, and a wood fire.

Christmas Decoration Accents and Gifts

One of the classic elements of Christmas decor is the wreath. Just like the theme of your holiday decor, you can select a standard style or go a more creative route. Be sure not to waste the scraps if you make a wreath at home. You could use the extra pieces to create a deconstructed wreath by throwing evergreens, pinecones, and ribbon together in a bowl or vintage burlap sack to hang on your interior or exterior doors.


Another mainstay of the holidays is the advent calendar. Keep your choice advent calendar featured on your dining table, alongside treats such as cookies, hot cocoa, and Christmas crackers. You may even have stockings hung with little gifts and treats for your guests to peruse. Another idea to dazzle your guests would be to hang candy canes from various places around the house, which will be a pleasant surprise as well as decor.

Gift wrapping doesn’t have to be over the top for every gift, but quality reigns over quantity! Choose a natural brown or white wrapping paper and decorate with eucalyptus, rosemary, or even cinnamon for an earthy touch with red berry accents for a pop of color. Bring the outdoors in with an evergreen sprig and festive pine cone as gift decor. There are so many other crafty options for alternative gift wrap such as wallpaper or newspaper.


Gifts themselves can also be homemade. Make a special hot cocoa mix in a mason jar for dinner guests to take home. This can also work for mulled wine or cookies. You can personalize these homemade gifts by writing the recipient’s name in calligraphy.

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Let us know how your holiday decorating goes! And of course, don’t forget the mistletoe! No matter where you’ll be celebrating Christmas this year, here at Krome, we wish you a very happy holiday season! Stay tuned for more style, decor, and home renovation tips.

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