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The latest home decor Trends for 2019 from Pinterest

Are you looking for new ideas and to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the design and decor? You should know that Pinterest releases every year a list of the most interesting trends in several industries, based on what people research and save.

Pinterest is used by more than 250 million people, so it is a really good and reliable source to make this kind of researches. We are sharing with you some of the news for the home decor and refurbishment that we have spotted in the Top Trends 2019 list.

Let us know which is your favorite!


The IT color is….Mustard Yellow


While Pantone predicted Living Coral as the Color of the Year 2019, there seems to be another must-color for this new year. Take note of mustard yellow as -according to Pinterest research- we are going to see this a lot. In fact, researches for this yellow went up of 45%. 

The hue is a soft and warm kind of yellow, much easier to be incorporated in the interiors than intense yellow: be inspired by this post about mustard yellow on


Wooden flooring, especially if painted

Farrow and Ball, Arsenic Painted Floor

Wooden floors are still on trend, actually they will never go out of style so if you are looking for a wooden floor for your home refurbishment that’s absolutely a great choice.

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But, if you are looking for a very original and up-to-date idea, the idea which comes out from the Pinterest research is to paint parquet flooring with bold colors and mosaic patterns. Actually, the number of people looking for ‘painted wooden flooring’ in the social platform is growing of +1276%, that is really a huge number, as an evidence of how this will be a big trend soon.

|| Enjoy our selection of Italian wooden floorings here


Green is still on trend, but better if it’s vertical

Moodboard by Essential Home

Do you remember the ‘urban jungle’ fever which dominates the interior decor on the last few years? Looks like natural green in interiors is still on trend, but now people are looking for new ways to incorporate greens in their homes.

There are several different ways for adding a green touch in your home, with accessories, wall paint, texties, but the coolest one now apparently is vertical green. In fact, Pinterest users looking for floor-to-ceiling green decor went up to +287 and that’s another idea to try in this 2019.


Wallpapers and tin decor

Woodchip and Magnolia

In 2019 you should definitely consider covering some walls in your home with wallpapers. Looks like this will be a huge trend for decor in 2019 and it’s an original option for every home, in place of simple paint decor. Make sure to choose a bold pattern, such as big prints, flowers or tropical decor: at present, wallpaper brands are proposing really a wide choice of new collections, to be spoiled for choices. 

Also, choosing a bold wallpaper is a great way for making a statement in an interior decor and adding much more personality than by painting. However, this year searches for bold print wallpaper went up of +401%, as a proof that people are more and more looking for inspirations on this.


Fireplaces and swimming pools

Covet House

While fireplaces are not a transitional trend but an everlasting decor element, it looks like people interest towards fireplaces design is exponentially growing. Fireplaces are now designed both in the indoor and outdoor and, above all, they must have a sleek and very modern design. In fact, researches for “contemporary fireplaces” on Pinterest in 2018 went up +763%!

Least but not least: this summer be ready to swim in natural swimming pools, and none of that chlorine eye-sting. (Searches for natural swimming pools are up to +262%)


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