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What to ask before choosing a Wood Floor ?

Wood is still one of the favourite materials for interior flooring. With its warmth and texture, it is an everlasting finish for interiors and architecture.

With the help of the online tool Answer the Public I have checked what are the most common questions people ask about choosing a wooden floor.

If you are an interior designer as I am, these are also probably the most common questions client ask to you about a wooden floor, so I’m betting these are the questions you have in your mind too if you are opting for a wood floor in your home.

Let’s see them together, but first, make sure you have a look at our wood floorings selection here !


  • Is wood flooring waterproof ?

The answer is no, hardwood flooring is not waterproof, but only if  it’s unfinished. In fact, the resistance to water depends on the way hardwood flooring is finished and there are several finishes which ensure a good water resistance. For example, a lacquered or varnished wooden floor is much more water resistant than an oil finished wood floor. Those wooden floorings can be safely added also in wet rooms such as in bathrooms.

  • Is wood flooring durable ?

The durability of a wood floor depends first on the type, that’s to say the wood species. As a simple rule, the harder the wood is, the more long-lasting the floor will be. Dark and exotic species are the hardest ones, while light woods such as oak and pine as the softer ones. In addition to this, you have also to consider the finish applied to the floor. As told before, oils finishes look more natural but are less resistant than  varnished ones. 



  • Can wood flooring be installed over other materials?

This is a really common question. Removing tiles or other floors before installing the hardwood is always recommended, in order to avoid problems later. Also, while it can look easier to install a wood floor over an existing one, you have also to consider its thickness and it could be a problem with doors, thresholds and rooms transitions. Indeed, floating wood thickness is usually aoround 1,5 cm and the space under the doors may not be enough by adding it, so you have to remove doors and cut them.

  • Is wood flooring good for basement ?

Basements are wet spaces and it is not a great idea to go for wood in basements’ floorings. When asked, I always recommend opting for other materials, such as for example concrete or tiles, much more safer in wet rooms. But if you still want to add wood to make the basement space feel warmer and more welcoming, you could consider engineered wood flooring instead of an hardwood one, even if this is not the best options for basements too.


wooden floorings, italian design, berti pavimenti legn


  • Solid Hardwood or Engineered Wood: Which is better for your home?

Solid hardwood is thicker and, since it is made just of solid wood, it can expand and shrink a lot depending on the different seasons and the home humidity.  Engineered wood, instead, is a layered product made of thin layers of hardwood over a base of high-quality plywood and for this reason it is less affected by humidity, that’s to say more stable. For this reason, engineered wood is a very common option now to solid hardwood, even if the cons is the use of adhesives and resins to glue the layers: make sure you choose off-gas and green options.

  • What is the right wood essence for my home?

As told above, choosing the right wood essence is not just about aesthetic but also about the difference resistance between the species. When talking about an aesthetic point of view, choosing the wood essence for the floor is a major design choice as it can really change the look of your home interior. It is not just about choosing the colour of the essence: indeed, you have also to consider the size of the floor boards, their lenght and width, as well as their laying. Second, consider also the wood grains and knots, that can be emphasized for a rustic effect or almost non-existant  for a very clean and modern look.


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