krome italian refurbishing-5 reasons to choose made in italy-attention to details

5 reasons to choose made in Italy (by an Italian designer)

There’s a quite famous quote from Italian architects Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni and Luigi Caccia in which they claim that “We have more imagination, more culture, and are better mediators between the past and the future“.

But is Made in Italy design really the best? As a proud Italian designer, I may sound biased. Yet I decided to talk about this topic as there are many reasons why I prefer Italian design. Today I give you five of them.


  • Quality

krome italian refurbishing-5 reasons to choose made in italy-quality

In order to get the official Made in Italy label, brands have to respect strict rules. The whole production chain is important, from the design process to the raw materials and manufacture.

Do you ever wonder how come that some pieces of furniture are worryingly cheap? I admit that sometimes I feel very attracted by affordable items. But it would be good practice if we all started to think more about what’s hidden behind a price. History, design, materials, employees and production process are all factors that we need to take into consideration. More often than not, buying cheap is a bad deal. And we end up buying the same item again later on.

Supporting Made in Italy is therefore a conscious choice. By doing that, you become part of a worthy process that guarantees the best quality.

  • Timelessness

krome italian refurbishing-5 reasons to choose made in italy-timelessness

Beautiful and good quality pieces of furniture are timeless. On the contrary, trends are very likely to last no more than a few years. Italian design stands out for chasing quality over quantity. And that’s one of the reasons why many pieces from the sixties and seventies are still in production. Think about the Arco floor lamp by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni or the Atollo table lamp by Vico Magistretti: not only they are currently in production, but they are statement pieces and still look very modern.

  • Attention to details

krome italian refurbishing-5 reasons to choose made in italy-attention to details

Italians are famous for being obsessed with details. There are many stereotypes claiming that we are very picky when stating how Italian food has to be prepared. And I’ll admit we actually are!

This attitude is yet good when it comes to design, I think it shows how much effort we put into creating things. We can really spend hours just discussing about one little design detail, like the edge of a shelf or the connection between legs and top of a side table. That’s because we are really passionate people. And this passion has led over the years to the good reputation of Italian excellence made in Italy.

  • Tradition

krome italian refurbishing-5-reasons-to-choose-made-in-italy-tradition

Italian design has a tradition of craftsmanship. People who learned by themselves how to make great products passed their knowledge through generations.

Also, Italian products are connected to local areas. For example, the Sassuolo ceramics district is one of the world’s leading production centres of ceramic tile, holding the 80% of national production. You can discover more about Italian ceramic and porcelain on Italianbark.

krome italian refurbishing-5-reasons-to-choose-made-in-italy-ceramics

Made in Italy materials have a bond with Italian history and local cultures, therefore they are unique.

  • Uniqueness

Through years of research and growth, Italians have developed their unique style. A made in Italy product will give your interior space the stand out element it needs.

krome italian refurbishing-5 reasons to choose made in italy

My bottom line is that there’s a reason why the best clothing and shoe brands (like Armani, Versace and Prada to name a few) still produce in Italy, despite it being more expensive. And that’s because they are after excellence.

About Martina

Martina is an Italian interior designer living in London.
She was born in sunny Sicily, where she graduated in Engineering, and left to study interior design in Milan. She has worked in the interior design industry for four years in Milan, Beijing and London, working mostly in the hotel, branding and retail design.
She is now based in London and works on A Designer At Heart, her online platform where she shares weekly articles and provides e-design services.

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